Painting With Purpose Is A Unique Painting And Handyman Service With Two Main Goals. . .

Leaving you feeling good about your home beautification project & Helping end slavery & human trafficking with company profits

Our service model is simple yet powerful You receive quality craftsmanship Staff receive living wages Profits go to doing good deeds

We truly Paint with Purpose!

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My initial impression of Aaron was spot on. He is awesome. You can tell that he is a genuinely kind, patient, and trustworthy guy. He responds quickly to emails and texts, even to random questions or musings I have. He is super committed to making sure that everyone is happy with the process and final results.


The Cause We Support – –

Ending Human Trafficking and Child Slavery in Our Lifetime

Human trafficking and child slavery is happening right here in Texas. In fact, Texas has the highest demand-side for human slaves out of 50 states. Painting with Purpose provides its profits to, an audacious campaign aimed at recruiting 30 Million Heroes each willing to give-it-forward by contributing $1 and asking three friends to do the same. Funds go to project with 5 Star Charities beating the bad guys.