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Our Story

At Design, Remodel & Painting with Purpose, our unique history begins with three generations of Texas friends and families serving the greater Austin area since the 1970s. It all started with master craftsmen and dads, Tommie Caldwell and Manuel Segura. In their 30s, they began working side by side, collaborating on various projects that included home repairs, painting, finish carpentry, and remodeling.

Under their leadership, their sons Aaron & Jared Caldwell and Carlos & Daniel Segura became accomplished craftsmen, honing their skills and developing their expertise. Twelve years ago, Aaron and Carlos reconnected and are now the next generation co-owners of our company. Together, they oversee quality control and project production for modern and chic kitchen and bathroom redesigns, as well as complete home repairs.

Even the third generation is involved, with grandchildren Nicolas & Timothy Segura following in the family footsteps. They contribute to the company by overseeing quality control and project production for various projects. And keep an eye out for rising star Fletcher Caldwell–at just 7.5 years old, he’s already showing a creative and curious mind with a passion for the industry.

Today, all Caldwells and Seguras are accomplished project managers and business owners, offering a wide range of services that include kitchen & bath remodeling, interior design, historic home renovations, flooring installation, residential & commercial painting, master electrical contracting, complete plumbing services, and general construction. Whatever your project needs may be, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your vision.

Since 2015, Design, Remodel & Painting with Purpose has received the Georgetown Community Award for seven years in a row, a testament to our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Contact us now and let our generations of experience and dedication transform your home with purpose.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle

Aaron C. Caldwell, Owner

Doctor of Creative Industries Candidate
M.A. Ed.; M.A. Intl. Rltns.; B.A. Mass Comms.

Aaron is a proud family man in Georgetown, loving on his little boy Fletcher & elderly parents in their multi-generational home.

A native Texan with over 25 years in the business, Aaron began learning the trades and running a business from his father Tommie in Austin. He now has a lead role at just about every job over the last 9 years. 

Aaron is a different kind of remodel, repair and painting contractor and international entrepreneur.

He began working and traveling the world after college–26 countries. While on this journey, he did various trades projects in Taiwan and Australia, from painting to construction. 

His real passion during this decade away, however, was Social Entrepreneurship, International Education and Creative Counter Child Trafficking. Aaron developed the infrastructure and got the funding to teach entrepreneurial skills to several groups, including underclassmen, graduate students, university teachers and staff, at-risk children in rural areas in Australia, indigenous communities in the Solomon Islands and at several universities in the Asia Pacific Rim.

In recent years, some profits from the company have been invested in projects he initiated and ran overseas.

Carlos Segura, Operations Mastermind

Carlos has lived in Texas his entire life. He is a dedicated family man, married for 40 years, and boasts two boys that have significant roles in the company today.

With over 36 years of hands-on experience, Carlos could build a house with his bare hands. He’ll laugh if you say this, but it’s true. The man is as talented and passionate as any craftsman you’ve ever met.

He leads the way by uniting our talented trade-teams together, resulting in remodel & rejuvenation masterpieces in the homes of his clients. Currently, Carlos is a driving factor in the success of our business model and works tirelessly to ensure clients are 100% happy and employees feel the magic of being a part of something special.

Timothy Segura, Operations

Timothy worked with his father as a painter before pursuing a brief career in the Army, after which he worked for 2-3 years as project supervisor. He is committed to getting work done smoothly and effortlessly, making sure the tradesmen have what they need, and ensuring the homeowners are satisfied with the current work being done.

He has lived in Austin, Texas, and Tacoma, Washington. He loves dogs, IPAs, reading, and can always be found in the gym. Timothy has started professional training in the areas of architecture, engineering, and structural studies.

Nicholas Segura, Operations

“Nico” is a native Texan and has been a rising star for many years given his diverse skills and site management for various complex projects.  

While this man is a soft spoken, gentle soul, his painting, drywall, demolition, handyman & rough carpentry skills are top notch. He brings precision to all the crafts mastered from a young age.

And Nico does all of this while coordinating daily priorities with clients, trade teams, and upper management. 

Like his father Carlos, if you have a need or a request, Nico will see about solving it for you on the day with a smile on his face–and mean it.

Humberto “Beto” Ugarte, Operations

Beto is a proud father of 7 and 12 year old boys. Texas has been home for more than 30 years. 

Beto learned his diverse skills from his father, may he rest in peace. With over a decade of experience, he is a master painter utilizing precision in brushing, rolling and spraying both interiors and exteriors. Beto is also our custom kitchen cabinet painting wizard.

He often does refinishing of custom entry doors, drywall repairs, trim work and other handyman projects as you need.

Beto is a kind spirit and truly wants you to be happy with his finish-work, and it shows.

Jared Caldwell, Operations

Jared is a native Austinite and loves all things weird about the beautiful area.

He is also a dedicated family man, and is essential in assisting his aging parents who require daily home healthcare. 

Like his brother Aaron, Jared learned hands-on skills from father Tommie who began planting the practical craftsman seed at a very young age. 

Jared is a brush and roll man, he assists with site preparation, cleaning, gathering tools and materials while responding to the moving needs at various job sites. 

He is also a passionate drummer, with several songs and videos produced while being fortunate to play in venues in LA to South by Southwest in Austin. 

Kitch Cabinetry and Design, Cabinetry

This husband and wife team create beautiful, functional spaces for each unique homeowner.

Jen is a master interior designer with rendering skills, and Jeremy is an expert custom kitchen cabinet builder & installer. Jenn & Jeremy tag-team to provide the best form & function for custom cabinets impacting the use and aesthetic of your kitchen, bath, or remodeled rooms. 

Options range from traditional, quirky, modern, bohemian, farmhouse–you name it, we can design it. Visit our Boutique Showroom to see some of the greater Austin Area-inspired, American-made products–from cabinets to hardware, counter tops, and accents. 

Kitch Cabinetry and Design
5929 Burnet Rd B, Austin, TX 78757

Manny The Carpenter, fine Carpentry

There is no one way to describe Manny’s master level carpentry and problem solving talents. When there is an insurmountable project challenge, we call Manny to keep us on schedule. 

This man constantly delivers a “wow factor” in all he does. 

Manny is also a proud, loving father and has a big smile when speaking about his children getting older. 

After 5 years on the team, there has not been one project, challenge, change order or custom end result that he hasn’t knocked out of the park.

Various skills range, and are not limited to; custom cabinets, old home restoration, installing doors, windows, moving walls and building custom accents and doing installations of all kinds – Manny is a one-stop-shop problem solver and true craftsman.

Todd & Shari Wojtowecz

Meet our local experts specializing in high-quality fabrication & installation of natural stone, granite, marble, and quartz.

This duo brings 25 years of knowledge, craftsmanship & pride into hand crafted design & finish work.

Top tier quartz, granite and other natural stones are sourced locally and around the USA. 

Visit our location at 13420 Ponds Springs Rd. in Austin, 78729 to view local items and remnants in stock. Alternatively, we have access to all local suppliers right here in Georgetown & Round Rocks with large selections to choose from as well. Appointments are requested.

Robert Flores

Robert, aka Tito, is a home-grown South Austin man. He has been in a loving relationship with his girlfriend for over 25 years, and together they are raising their adorable niece.

Like many on our teams, Robert was trained by his father and uncles under the Flores family business. Those talented men also worked together with Tommie Caldwell in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Robert ventured out on his own after 25 years of working with his family company and reconnected with Aaron 9 years ago to form an alliance. 


With over 31 years in the trades, Tito has mastered drywall finish work–taping, floating, and making drywall repairs blend & disappear like a wizard waving his wand. He is also an exceptional painter with additional mastery skills in spraying, brushing, rolling, and applying stains. Tito is a true craftsman as well as a kind soul who takes deep pride in his work.

Jaime & Pilar

Jaime and Pilar believe family is the heart of everything. This loving and dedicated couple have a 28-year-old daughter and 27-year-old son, and boast two adorable grand-munchkins! 

Having called Central Texas home for two decades, they have deep roots in the community. Their passion lies in helping others transform their houses into clean, comfortable homes that enhance their quality of life. They believe in the power of strong, lasting relationships and do so by treating everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism. 

Jaime and Pilar’s expertise lies in residential cleaning, from thorough deep cleans to routine maintenance and post-remodel cleanup. Over the years, they’ve assisted countless families in Central Texas, taking immense pride in the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their clients. Jaime and Pilar’s commitment to their community and their dedication to creating clean, welcoming homes truly make them stand out in their field.

Josh & Jeff

Josh and Jeff are great friends, both born and raised in Texas. Together they lead custom gutter projects from seamless options to French drains and other general exterior home maintenance needs. Both are married with supportive wives. Josh has two boys, while Jeff has one son and one daughter. They both love family life!

Josh and Jeff have a deep passion for helping neighbors and homeowners and love seeing clients and friends happy knowing that house foundations and flowerbeds are protected from the gutter systems we install.

Gary Werner

Gary was born and raised in Texas, living more than 35 years here locally. He and his lovely wife, Gail, have been married 42 years and are proud parents of Robin, their only child.

Gary is our Master Plumber on a whole new level. He has been doing medium to large projects around Texas most of his life, with a crew that boasts 25 years of working side by side. His impressive portfolio includes working with various cities, the University of Texas as well as custom home remodel projects from Wimberly-Austin-Georgetown and beyond.

Under his supervision, our plumbing team does kitchen, bathroom, and whole-home repiping, as well as repairing water leaks, installing water softeners and heaters–you name it, we do it, and Gary makes sure it’s perfect every time.